First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Preschool Sunday Morning Bible Study

9:15 AM-10:10 AM



Preschool Sunday Morning Bible Study is a time for children to participate in age-appropriate activities and experiences which will help them to build beginning knowledge of God, the Bible and the world around them. Biblical concepts are shared through teacher interaction, prepared activities and learning centers. Teachers guide preschoolers in experiences using the Bible, Bible thoughts, songs, and conversation.


The most common question that parents have is "Which class will my child be in?"


Babies and Toddlers are placed in classes according to their development rather than their birthday. This is done in order to best minister to each child as an individual. As the child grows throughout the year, a move to the next class will be made, based on the development of the child and the space available.


Two's through Kindergarten observe the church-wide annual Promotion Day in August of each year. Each child is assigned to a class according to his birthday, with the age of the child on September 1 of the current school year determining the class to which he is assigned.

Visitors are invited to come to the Welcome Centers at church entrances for help in finding a loving room for your child.


Newborns to 6 months  - Room 205

6 months to 12 months - Room 201

12 months and walking - Room 204

2 year olds  - Room 213

Pre-K 3 year olds - Room 217

Pre-K 4 year olds - Room 218

Kindergartners - Room 220