First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pastoral Care

Ongoing Pastoral Care Ministries:

Hospital Visitation
A deacon led ministry of First Baptist Church that reaches out to people confined to one of Huntsville's three hospitals. Deacons and other volunteers have a monthly schedule to visit both members and non-members who we know are in the hospital. For more information or to volunteer, contact Joe Zimmerman (


Churches are a natural agency to assist their congregation and the community at large in achieving optimal wholistic health. Education programs for health ministers/faith community nurses have been established and are now being offered by various hospitals and home health agencies across the country. First Baptist Church is now beginning a Faith Community Nursing ministry. The functions of our Faith Community Nurse are being performed by Eugenia Graves, please contact her for more information. 


First Baptist Church is a partner church with the Vine which is an ecumenical counseling center that promotes emotional healing with the love and grace of Christ for individuals, couples, families and congregations. Call 256-461-8580 for an appointment or following the link above to learn more about the Vine.
Click here for seminars on Marriage


Huntsville Association of Pastoral Care- click here for upcoming seminars






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