First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week 5

The Message: Hindrances to the Gospel - Part III - Lack of Knowledge

 Many times we back away from being a friend and a witness to someone who is missing because of the feeling that we just don't know enough about telling someone about Christ. The result of that feeling is usually when the comment or the thought is expressed that is the job of the minister. Sorry, but that excuse will not hold water, especially in this church where we strongly express the belief that every member is a minister. The doctrine of the priesthood of the believer and the New Testament make it clear that the role of staff ministers is to be an example in witnessing but also to equip you for the work of the gospel. I am convinced that most Christians know the fundamentals of helping someone come to Christ but may not have it organized well enough in their minds to feel confident. That is why beginning in next week's notes we will help you with the basics of the gospel. We will also give you a handout of some gospel presentations that have been around for years and some that are new. If you feel you would like to know more, we will list some resources and web sites where you can read and study some other areas of presenting the gospel. The gospel is not like learning Greek. It is simple and easy to learn and all of it you will have heard before. Please remember this. The best way to help lead a missing person to Christ is to be a genuine caring friend. All you really need to know are the four parts of the gospel that will be in the notes for the next two weeks and in three weeks a guide to help you think about how to tell someone what Christ means to you. It's very simple if you will take the time to think through these things.

 Scripture - John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.

 Action - You know this verse; it is the most recognized verse in the Bible and it is vital to knowing that God has provided a way out of death into life eternal. Spend some time this week contemplating this verse. Try reading the verse again but this time substitute your name in the verse to make it personal. Like this: For God so loved Mike that he gave his one and only son for Mike, so that if Mike believes in Him, then Mike may have eternal life. Now think of a friend or relative that does not know Christ and substitute their name in that verse. The prayer below is asking God to lead you in this new adventure. Ask God to impress on you the name of one or two missing people to whom he is leading you to pray.

 Prayer - God, I know I can't do this without your leadership. I truly want to be used by you to reach a missing friend. Please bring to mind in the next two weeks someone I can pray for that is missing from your love. Help me to have your eyes to see the one you bring into my life. Provide to me the ability to be faithful and the alertness of praying each day for that person.

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