First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Sunday, February 26, 2017

Other Ministries for Experienced Adults

First Baptist has many ministries that are for experienced adults, available to experienced adults, and caregivers for the homebound.

Care Teams

Matching People who need care with People who want to care. If you need a care team to help you, know someone who needs the help of a care team or you want to be on a care team using your gifts for ministry then contact Eugenia Graves, FBC Parish Nurse.

Hallelujah Choir

You are invited to join the Experienced Adult Choir every Monday, 10:30am in the Choir Room. For more information, contact the Music Minstries Office at 428-9421.

Fellowship Club

A group of Experienced Adults that meet the second Friday of each month. Food, fun, fellowship, and interesting programs are provided. For more information, contact the Experienced Adult Ministries Office at 428-9403 or Mark Seanor, Minister to Experienced Adults at

Operation HUGG

This is a Ministry that makes Homebound Members a priority!)  
The HUGG Dictionary:
  1. HUGG - A caring act of kindness in the name of Christ. A HUGG can be:
    a home visit, a phone call, a written note or card, a trip to the doctor, a hug, a sensitive touch on the hand, arm, or back, telling someone how much they are loved, or anything else that communicates God's love to a Homebound Member.
  2. HUGGER - A visitor of a Homebound Member. Any member of First Baptist may be a hugger.
  3. HOMEBOUND MEMBER - A person who is visited by a HUGGER. A Homebound Member is someone who needs and/or appreciates a HUGG from his or her church family because of illness, or physical limitations, or loneliness, or because he or she is a special person.
For more information, contact Lisa Wilson.

Lincoln Village Work Group

An ongoing weekly renovation of homes in the Lincoln Village subdivision.  For more information, contact Gordon Perry.