First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Sunday, February 26, 2017

Volunteer Screening Process

A Qualified Applicant will:
  1. Attend an Orientation Session
  2. Complete an online Leadership Information Form or paperwork which can be obtained from the Safekeeping Processor in the Finance Office
The Safekeeping Processor will:
  1.  Review all applications
  2. Check References for each applicant.
  3. Initiate Criminal Record Background Checks.
  4. Initiate Alabama Department of Human Resources Child Abuse/Neglect (CA/N) Central Registry Clearance Form (1598 Form).
If no questionable responses or questionable background checks are received, the Safekeeping Processor will:
        1. Notify the applicant of approval
        2. Add the name of the applicant to approved volunteer list.
If a questionable response or a questionable background check is received, the Safekeeping Processor will notify the Executive Pastor.  The Executive Pastor  will confer with the minister responsible for the activities of the volunteer applicant.
The Executive Pastor and/or the age group minister will contact the applicant to discuss the questionable responses or background information. Based on this conversation, the applicant may be:
  1. Returned to the application process
  2. Referred for pastoral care and/or counseling, or
  3. Disapproved for service
The list of approved volunteers will be made available to the appropriate persons responsible for recruiting volunteer workers.