Night To Shine Volunteers

Night To Shine VOLUNTEERS Must be 16 or older

On one night, February 10, 2017, 375 churches, from around the world, hosted Night to Shine for 75,000 honored guests through the support of 150,000 volunteers!  We are looking forward to making 2018 even better. 
Thank you for being a part of it with us!

Night to Shine Directors – Roxanne Daniels, Nancy Moore, Nancy Ward

Behind the Scenes Team – Led by Sandy Bowlin and Ann Ruble
This team works behind the scenes to prepare for and clean up after the Night to Shine event.
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Buddy Team – Led by Lea Hoppe
Buddies accompany and assist one assigned guest with special needs throughout the evening.  You will provide companionship and any assistance they may need during the event.  You will sit with your guest during dinner, engage them in conversation, and crown them during the crowning ceremony.  You will also accompany your guest on the dance floor, on the limo ride, and as they participate in the various activities available during the evening.  (Note: You will receive information about your guest’s interests and instructions about any special requirements they may have.  Restroom attendants are also available throughout the evening.)
This volunteer team is now full.

Capture the Night Team – Led by Lara Daugherty
This team captures the sights and sounds of the evening in photographs and videos.
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Hospitality Team – Led by Scarlett Qualls
This team provides special personal services throughout the evening to make each guest feel celebrated and loved.
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Main Event Team – Led by Amanda Talley 
This team is responsible for most of the guest activities that will help the evening run smoothly, beginning with arrival and parking, and including check-in, buddy connection, food services, dance floor activities, karaoke, limo rides, and safety.
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Respite Room Team – Led by Susan Wessinger
This team will provide a special place designed specifically for parents, family members or caregivers to relax and enjoy food, entertainment, and activities during the Night to Shine event.
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