Global Missions

Go and Make Followers of Jesus

Mission Trips and Prayer are a part of the Global Mission strategy of First Baptist Church to carry out the Great Commission. The arm of our international mission effort is where God calls us to serve around the world. The mission areas listed below are part of our long term mission work around the world. Other mission trip are planned from time to time. For more information on where First Baptist Church is involved, please contact Mike Pearce, the Minister of Missions and Outreach.


Global Mission Initiatives

Canada Mission

Canada mission work has been part of First Baptist's focus for many years. Each year teams travel to different locations in Canada and provide construction materials, construction workers, Vacation Bible School, elderly programs, Bible studies, support of local pastors, and surveys of the communities Some of the mission sites include Toronto, Prince Edward Island, Calgary, and Winnipeg. For more information on Canada mission work contact Don Newman.

Dominican Republic/Haitian People

Charlene and Dr. Jerry Graham are the leaders of two trips per year to the Dominican Republic to help the Haitian people living in the Dominican in Republic. Their heart is to help the Haitian people in sharing the gospel and bring medical relief. The need of the Haitian people is tremendous. Our team works close with Southern Baptist Missionaries there in Haiti. For more information you may contact Charlene Graham.

Southeast Asia

Ongoing work is taking place in Southeast Asia. First Baptist Huntsville is involved in teaching basic business principles with this ministry. Our church and others go to teach classes 3-4 times a year. Tommy and Penny Johnson are acting in leadership rolls for this ministry. Please contact Jim Atherton for more information.


Our Missions Committee recently led our congregation to be in partnership with the Al-Jandaweel Baptist Church in Azraq, Jordan (60 miles east of Amman). Our role in this three-year partnership will be to participate in the development of the school associated with the Azraq Outreach Center. Nearly 40,000 Syrian refugees have fled to Azraq, and their children have no school. That is where we come in. Pastor Ra-ed, and the Al-Jandaweel Baptist Church, have established a school as part of the Outreach Center. Last year, 25 Syrian children attended the school and they now have applications for 80 children! We are going to help with the expansion of ministry to these refugee students, and thus their families. This is a rare opportunity to share the gospel in the Middle East. We will invest $36,000 a year for three years in the development of the outreach center and school. The money will go toward operation of the school (salaries, transportation, breakfasts, and supplies). We will send two short-term volunteer teams each year to help out.