First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Monday, February 20, 2017
 2016-17 Student Ministries Calendar
October  13
Serve Tables at the Langley Dinner
October 16 Junior Class Lunch at the Nelson's Home
October 30 Trunk or Treat - church wide event
November 14-16 Consultation with Ministry Architects
November 20 FUN Night - Walk through Galaxy of Lights (after Thanksgiving Banquet)
December 7 Student Christmas Party
December 11 Christmas "Sunday Dinner" with Widows and Widowers
December 18 Student Music sings with the Living Christmas Tree
January 13 Winter Lock-in
February 5 Souper Bowl of Caring
February 10 Night to Shine - ministry event
February 17 Father - Daughter Ball at FBCHSV
March 11-15 Spring Camp
March 26 FUN Night - Scavenger Hunt in and around Huntsville
April 1 Serving the City
April 2 Praise Band JAM Night
May 7 FUN Night - Fishing & Eating Table-side on a Big Pond
May 20-21 Graduate Weekend
May 31
Wacky Wednesdays begin
June 2 Langley Golf Tournament
June 7 Wacky Wednesday
June 11-15 Vacation Bible School - opportunity for students to serve.
June 17-24 Summer Mission Trip to Philadelphia (music based trip)
June 28 Wacky Wednesday
July 10-14 Music Camp - opportunity for students to serve. 
July 12 Wacky Wednesday
July 19 Wacky Wednesday