First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Death Notice Information

Name of Deceased     
Date of Death 
Place of Death             FBC Member? yes    no       
Please list all family relationships of the deceased to our FBC members with full contact information for each individual
(ie. brother of John Doe, 123 Smith St, Huntsville, AL 35801,, 256-555-5555).                                                       
Funeral Home Name, Location, Phone
Visitation:  Date       Time       
Location of Visitation 
Funeral:  Date       Time       
Location of Funeral 
Graveside Service :  Date       Time       
Location of Graveside Service 
Family can be reached at (phone and/or email)
If known, please list the name of the minister(s) who will be leading in the funeral and graveside
Is there any additional information that would be helpful to share as we minister to the family?
Information submitted by (your name)       
Your email       
Best contact number for you  
Thank you for giving us this information as we minister to the family. When you press the submit button, this information will be received through email by Lisa Wilson, Ministry Assistant to the Executive Pastor and Minister to Experienced Adults.
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