First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mission & Vision

Our mission statement... Knowing,  Loving,  Serving Christ...  Together.


“…Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Minds…” ­ Romans 12:2
Life­Transforming Relationships
People of First Baptist Church Huntsville are engaged in life-transforming relationships. In the spirit of Christ,
people connect, challenge, and support each other across all ages and life stages.
● All people of FBC experience personal growth in their relationships with Christ.
● All people of FBC experience Christian fellowship, support, accountability, and friendship in their relationships
within the church family.
● All people at FBC have varied and ongoing opportunities to engage each other in life-transforming
Vision Team Contact: Cathy Hicks

Neighborhood Focus
FBC members are actively engaged in relevant ministry to those outside the church, especially in our own
neighborhood. God has positioned FBC in a neighborhood that is growing and changing rapidly and our church has
become a catalytic force for being the hands and feet of Christ to the downtown community. Lives are transformed
by the Gospel through authentic relationships and service.
● Maximize efforts to invite our surrounding neighborhood residents to current worship services and programs.
● Examine targeted segments of the downtown community to identify their unique needs and seek ways to
provide fresh expressions of faith to them in non-traditional ways outside the church. (Examples of downtown
segments could include the downtown business community, downtown residents, hospital workers, hotel &
restaurant workers, public housing residents, homeless, high school & middle school students, visitors to
downtown hotels and young professionals).
● Utilize the facilities of FBC to provide downtown-focused ministry opportunities outside of traditional worship
● Strengthen ministry partnerships with other downtown churches to serve the community together.
● Seek ways of showing Christ’s love to the downtown community by establishing authentic relationships and
lasting bridges that show the church is a caring part of the downtown neighborhood.
Vision Team Contacts: Dennis O’Dell, Chuck Rosecrans, Ken Smith
Radical Hospitality
Every person who encounters First Baptist Church experiences a radical, Christ-like sense of hospitality that is
expressed not only in words but through acts of service to one another. All believers and seekers are welcomed
with love and enthusiasm just as Christ welcomes us.
● FBC creates a warm environment in which guests feel welcomed and at ease.
● FBC fosters a heart for internal hospitality, reflected by actively caring for one another.
● Ongoing training is provided at FBC to equip volunteers to serve hospitably.
● FBC maintains an online presence that operates as a virtual front door to our church.
Vision Team Contacts: Emily DePlachett, Christina Hearne, Debbie McDaniel
Spiritual Formation
FBC is a church whose people are being conformed to the image of Christ through the practice of spiritual
disciplines. Everyone at FBC is actively challenged and provided the tools and opportunities to experience
life-changing discipleship.
● Create opportunities for short -term, focused spiritual formation groups.
● Incorporate language of spiritual practices into the rhythm of Sunday School.
● Create space for the exploration of a wide degree of Christian spiritual practices.
● Support those involved with the spiritual formation of others with training and resources.
Vision Team Contact: Nathan Alderson

Sticky Faith
People at First Baptist Huntsville have a faith that sticks across each person’s faith journey. This begins in the
individual’s childhood and student ministry stages. In order to develop Sticky Faith, FBC members understand the
Gospel, have intergenerational relationships, and parents are given the tools to nurture their child’s faith at home.
● Create a language of faith that emphasizes trust instead of a legalistic system of doing.
● Create opportunities for intergenerational relationships between children, students, and adults.
● Create an environment that encourages families with young children to participate in worship, fellowship, and
Bible study with their children.
● Create Sunday School Partnerships between the classes of children and students with adult classes.
● Create a partnership with parents and the church through which the family feels empowered to lead in the
faith development of their children.
● Create an intentional discipleship plan for children from birth to graduation.


Vision Team members:  Nathan Alderson, Emily DePlachett, Christina Hearne (Vice-Chair), Cathy Hicks, Debbie McDaniel (secretary), Dennis O'Dell, Chuck Rosecrans, and Ken Smith (Chair).  





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