First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions about First Baptist Church

We would love to have you as our guest anytime. Many frequently asked questions are answered here. However, if you still have questions, please contact us and we will help you find the answers.
How do I get to First Baptist Church? We are located at 600 Governors Drive

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Which entrance to the church should I use?   There are multiple entrances to our building, and the best one to use will be influenced by your family situation.  The most commonly used entrance is the East entrance, which is behind the sanctuary.  To get there, turn into the parking lot at the entrance nearest the mural, drive straight past the sanctuary, and the entrance will be on your left.  You will find guest parking and greeters in the parking lot to assist you. Once you come in the doors, greeters will welcome you as well and direct you to the Welcome Center, which can help you find Sunday School classes, the worship centers, and other locations.  If you have young children, you may want to enter on the Governors Drive side of the church, which is close to our nursery and preschool classrooms.  From Governors Drive, turn into the parking lot and drive in front of the sanctuary (which has the mural on it) and come underneath the weather covering to drop off your family.  Then park in one of the guest parking spaces across from this.  From there, you can enter the building and go to the Welcome Center, which can help you find Sunday School classes, the nursery, or other locations in the church.
What should we wear, what do others wear to church on Sunday mornings? Good questions. At First Baptist, you will find a variety of dress styles. There are many people who like to dress up and there are many who like to be more casual in their dress. You will see nice suits all the way to jeans. So we would encourage you to dress as you are used to in other churches or what ever makes you comfortable.
What is the Sunday Schedule? A complete schedule of the Sunday services are listed on our Worship Services page.
Which service should I attend?  We offer two worship services at First Baptist.  At 8:15, we have a contemporary service called First Fellowship, which meets in our Life Center except during the month of December. The music for this service is led by a praise band, and the dress is casual.  Various forms of media are used for you to come into contact with God's presence.   At 10:30, we have a morning worship service in our Sanctuary.  The music for this service is led by organ, choir, and orchestra, and ranges from classical anthems and hymns to more modern expressions of praise.  The same sermon is preached in both services.  We invite you to participate in the service where you experience God's presence.
How can I find the right Sunday School class?  We offer a wide variety of Sunday School classes for children, youth, and adults in all stages of life.  Our preschool, children, and youth are in classes based upon their age.  Adult classes are primarily based upon life stages.  There is a listing of these classes at our welcome centers, and more information here.
Is Childcare available during worship services?  Yes, childcare is available during both Sunday morning services for infants and children up to age 3.  Our Worship Care provides a caring atmosphere for children during worship.  Individuals at any of welcome centers will be glad to assist you.
What about the Wednesday Night schedule?  Wednesday nights at First Baptist are filled with food, fellowship, music and Bible Study for all ages. Here is a complete listing of our Wednesday night schedule.  If you are interested in dinner, here is our current menu.
How do I join your church? We look forward to celebrating with you as you join our church! The steps for an individual to become a member of First Baptist Huntsville are
• By profession of faith in Jesus Christ and believer’s baptism
• By baptism affirming a previous profession of faith in Jesus Christ
• By transfer of membership from another Baptist church
• By statement (if you have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and experienced believer’s baptism.)
• By watchcare**
• Complete the first two classes of Meet FBC (one hour each, see below)
*1st class - Senior Pastor - who we are, our beliefs, what is our vision, what it means to be a member of FBC
*2nd class - Executive Pastor - how we do church, organizational structure, budget, giving, etc.
*Both of the above classes are required in the steps toward membership. All other Meet FBC classes (3rd through 7th) would be offered, with attendance encouraged.
• Present yourself to the church for membership. This is typically done during the invitation time on Sunday morning but in consultation with one of our ministers could take place on Sunday night or Wednesday night.
The individual may complete the above steps in any order and is encouraged to complete the membership process in nine months.
**Watchcare membership is available for
• Temporary residents in the community who will retain membership in their church, or
• Believers who have different convictions about baptism.
While a watchcare member may not vote on church matters, at the discretion of the appropriate Ministerial Staff they may teach and may serve on Ministry Teams.
We will be delighted to help you navigate all this- we simply encourage you to take that step and indicate your desire to join with us. Regardless of how you come to us, welcome to our fellowship of believers!