First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Library Donations

Would you like to give a donation to the library in honor or in memory of someone?


Either a monetary gift (to purchase one or more books) or a specific book given in that person’s name can be accepted. If you give a monetary donation, simply bring a check or cash to the library with all the necessary information: the name of the donor or donors, the person in whose name the book or books will be donated, and whether the gift is in honor of or in memory of that person. Or you can give the money to the finance office, along with the necessary information, and they will notify the library. If you purchase a book yourself and want to give that book in honor or in memory of someone, please bring it by the library during operating hours.

A book plate will be placed in front of each book bought or donated. This book plate will have the name of the person being honored or memorialized, along with the name(s) of who has made the gift. Also, a card will be sent to the family (if a memorial) or the person (if an honoree) to let them know of the donation.
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