First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Personal Reference for Volunteers Form

First Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama has policies for the safekeeping of our preschool, children and youth, which include the completion of an application by all volunteers who wish to work with our children and youth.  Your name was listed as a reference for this applicant.  We would appreciate you completing this form and returning it as soon as possible.  Thank you for your time and effort in completing this reference.

Applicant name you have been asked to submit a reference for: 

First Name of Applicant      Last Name   
How long have you known applicant?
In what capacity have you known applicant?
 In what type of setting have you observed the applicant working with children and/or youth?
In your opinion, is this applicant dependable?   Yes     No
In your opinion, is this applicant honest?  Yes    No
In your opinion, is this applicant even-tempered?  Yes    No
On a scale of 0-5 with 0 being unable to evaluate, 1 being below average, 2 average,
3 above average, 4 very good, and 5 as great- please rate the applicant on the following
     Personal Qualities:
          General Attitude
          Motivation of work
          Patience under stress
          Positive Cooperative Attitude
     When working with preschool/children/youth:
          Interaction with
          Understanding of
          Discipline of
          Experience with
     General/Overall rating
Do you have any concerns about the applicant's prior work with preschool/children and/or youth or his/her relationship with preschool/children and/or youth?
Yes      No 
If yes, please explain
Do you have any knowledge about this person’s behavior, attitude, or emotions toward preschool/children and /or youth that might cause a parent to worry about this person caring for his/her preschooler/children and/or youth?
Yes     No  
If yes, please explain
By typing your name in the box below, you are stating that you have provided information on the above applicant to the best of your knowledge. We appreciate your time and willingness to help us in this process.
Your email address
When this form is submitted, it will be sent to the email account of our Safekeeping Records Consultant in the Church Office. You will be notified by this individual if there are any further questions.