Fresh Expressions of Church

Fresh Expressions of Church

Fresh expressions of church are new forms of church for people highly unlikely to walk through the doors of most church building.

A fresh expression is not a ministry of our church, not a creative activity of our church, and not just another outreach of our church.  It is a fresh expression of church.  And by “church” we mean a Christ-centered community engaging in worship, fellowship, discipleship and outreach.  

These fresh expressions don’t look like church as you and I most often think of church. Most are much smaller and much simpler than most churches you know.  Most often, a fresh expression of church exists among a micro-culture, a subculture, a “people group.”    

These fresh expressions of church are tethered by relationships to First Baptist Huntsville.  Oh, and one more thing: All the money we are raising from the sale of the tiles from our iconic mosaic is going to fund these fresh expressions of church.

We have three fresh expressions of church, and are working on the fourth:  

Heartfelt Expressions 

This fresh expression of church meets on Saturday afternoons for painting sessions at Lowe Mill (2211 Seminole Dr SW, Huntsville, AL 35805) in the 2nd Floor North Wing Classroom on Saturdays from 2-5 pm. and for spiritual conversations. We create because God, our creator, made us in His image.  Both the painting sessions and the spiritual conversations are open to everyone, and those who love art have a special welcome.

Contact:  JoAnn Bugg

Dinner Church in Butler Terrace

This fresh expression of church meets on Thursday evenings at 6PM at 2201 Clinton Ave (former Boys and Girls Club). Warm friendships and informal worship are shared around tables.   

Contact:  Joan Whetzlel

Bright Star Community

This fresh expression of church meets Thursday evenings in the Huntsville Assistance Program building at (address).  Bright Star seeks to engage people in recovery or in need of recovery, and people who love them.  Led by caring people, many of whom are in recovery themselves, this is an honest and open meeting centered on the life-transforming power of Jesus.

Contact:  Tony Antoine

Gamer Church 

We are working on a fourth:  Gaming Church.  We are in the planning/experimenting stage of figuring out what church would look like if we had a church with and for gamers.  We are partnering with Kingdom Gaming Ministries, a group of devoted Christian students at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.  Our hope and prayer is that soon we will have Gaming Church up and running. 

Contact:   Rob Covington