Pastoral Care

Caring for Those in Need 

The Pastoral Care Ministry of FBC is an important ministry for those who are in need of love and support. If you have needs or would like to be involved with the Pastoral Care Ministries please contact the church office.

Hospital Visitation & Prayer List

A deacon led ministry of First Baptist Church that reaches out to people confined to one of Huntsville's three hospitals. Deacons and other volunteers have a monthly schedule to visit both members and non-members who we know are in the hospital. For more information or to volunteer, contact the church office at 256-428-9400. 

Add someone to the Hospital/Prayer List

Christian Sympathy

Share information below about family or friends who have recently passed away as we minister together to one another. You may also contact the church office at 256-428-9400. 

Share Death Notice Information


Faith Community Nursing 

Churches are a natural agency to assist their congregation and the community at large in achieving optimal wholistic health. Education programs for health ministers/faith community nurses have been established and are now being offered by various hospitals and home health agencies across the country. First Baptist Church has a Faith Community Nursing ministry. The functions of our Faith Community Nurse are being performed by Eugenia Graves, please contact her for more information (  

Vine Pastoral Counseling Center  

First Baptist Church is a partner church with the Vine which is an ecumenical counseling center that promotes emotional healing with the love and grace of Christ for individuals, couples, families and congregations. Call 256-461-8580 for an appointment or following the link above to learn more about the Vine.