Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision



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People of First Baptist Church Huntsville are engaged in life-transforming relationships.  In the spirit of Christ, people connect, challenge, and support each other across all ages and life stages. 

FBC is a church whose people are being conformed to the image of Christ through the practice of spiritual disciplines.  Everyone at FBC is actively challenged and provided the tools and opportunities to experience life-changing discipleship.

People at First Baptist Huntsville have a faith that sticks across each person’s faith journey. This begins in the individual’s childhood and student ministry stages. In order to develop Sticky Faith, FBC members understand the Gospel, have inter-generational relationships, and parents are given the tools to nurture their child’s faith at home. 

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Every person who encounters First Baptist Church experiences a radical, Christ-like sense of hospitality that is expressed not only in words but through acts of service to one another.  All believers and seekers are welcomed with love and enthusiasm just as Christ welcomes us.

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FBC members are actively engaged in relevant ministry to those outside the church, especially in our own neighborhood.  God has positioned FBC in a neighborhood that is growing and changing rapidly and our church has become a catalytic force for being the hands and feet of Christ to the downtown community.  Lives are transformed by the Gospel through authentic relationships and service.


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The term “Fresh Expressions” refers simply to new forms of church—new forms of church for people who are not reachable by church as we know it.  This is about taking the church Jesus loves closer to where lots of the people Jesus loves actually are.  It is about beginning indigenous, or contextualized, simple, usually small, communities of faith beyond the walls and traditions of First Baptist.

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Our vision is to have growing numbers of young adults join our church family.  We desire to have them in leadership roles across the life of the church.  We are willing to let them shape First Baptist and will be both creative and aggressive in our efforts to engage them in ways that are meaningful to them.We are defining young adults using the rather arbitrary ages of twenty-two through thirty-nine.

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