Night To Shine - Main Event Team

Night To Shine Main Event Teams

Main Event Team – Amanda Talley
This team is responsible for most of the guest activities that will help the evening run smoothly, beginning with arrival and parking, and including check-in, buddy connection, food services, dance floor activities, karaoke, limo rides, and safety.

Main Event - Car Team
This team will assist with guest arrival and parking, coordinate limousine rides during the event, and assist guests as they leave after the event.  You will maintain a parking pattern and direct traffic for easy vehicle entry and exit, and maintain open fire and emergency lanes.  You will assist guests as they exit vehicles and help them find the registration area.  You are also responsible for securing 3 limousines to provide rides during the evening, coordinating the queue for limo rides, and assisting guests/buddies as they enter and exit the limos.  You will also be available to help as guests return to their vehicle following the event.  
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Main Event - Dance Floor Team
This team will monitor the dance floor and the perimeter to make sure there are no “wallflowers.”  You will invite guests to dance and engage with them.
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Main Event - DJ
A professional DJ will play music for the dance floor at the event.  You will ensure that the music selections are entirely free of explicit content (profanity, sexual themes, or drug/alcohol references).
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Main Event - Floater Team
This team will constantly “float” around the main event space, kitchen, restrooms, quiet room, and outdoors to assist anywhere an extra hand is needed.
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Main Event - Food Services Team
This team will plan, prepare, and serve food to guests in the Main Event space and to caregivers in the Respite Room.  The Food Prep Team will assist the caterer  with unloading food, additional food preparation, and setup of the food and beverages in the Main Event space, Respite Room , Safety Room, and Volunteer Break Room.  The Food Service Team will serve food to guests/buddies in the Main Event space and the Safety Room.  They will assist the Respite Room Food Team in serving food to family/caregivers in the Respite Room.  You will be knowledgeable about what is available and assist guests in finding what they would like (especially if they have dietary restrictions or allergies).  You will also refill food warmers, drinks, and snacks during the evening, as needed.
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Main Event - Guest Check-In Team
This team will warmly greet guests as they arrive and answer any questions they may have.  You will sign them in (all guests must bring their pre-registration ticket) and provide the guest and any caregivers with name tags, which must be worn at all times during the event.
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Main Event - Guest Connection Team
This team will greet guests as they complete the check-in process and help them CONNECT with their buddy for the evening.  During the evening, you will remain available to help with making buddy changes should a situation arise that would benefit from a new buddy connection.
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Main Event - Karaoke Team
This team will set up and participate in karaoke with the guests.  You will encourage them and maintain a fun atmosphere.
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Main Event - Safety Team
This team monitors the main event space and outdoor areas, making sure exits are not blocked and all areas remain wheelchair accessible.  The Bathroom Attendant Team will offer assistance in the restroom, if needed.  If a guest requires assistance with more than getting in and out of a stall or hand washing, it is appropriate to contact their parent or caregiver for assistance.  The EMT and Law Enforcement Team provides a safe environment for guests by having uniformed personnel on site during the event.
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Main Event - Sensory Room Team
This team will plan the environment and activities for the sensory room during the event.  You will welcome guests to the sensory room, providing a quiet place to relax and sometimes reset, from the noise and energy of the main event space.  You'll be prepared to engage guests in crafts or activities as appropriate.
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Main Event - Volunteer Check-In Team
This team greets volunteers as they arrive, gives them their name tags, and directs them to their team’s gathering space.
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