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Connecting to one another and, through one another, to Jesus.

In the Bible, there are two primary actions you will be doing in heaven - worshiping and fellowshiping together with the people of God. And there are two things you do to bring heaven to earth - love God in Bible Study and love others through service. None of it is meant to be done alone.

We are a collection of 20- and 30-somethings, some single, some married, some with kids and some without, all trying to center everything we do around engaging with this Core Four - regular participation in worship, Bible Study, fellowship, and service. You were meant for this. You belong here. Find your place, and journey with us to be all God has for you to be.  

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Young Adult Ministry at a Glance



8:05 & 10:30 Sunday mornings



Even months - Groupwide

Odd months - Guys and Girls Nights

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Bible Study

9:15 Sunday mornings

Various times throughout the week

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Through Bible Study Groups &

Various large group opportunities

Current Young Adult

Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups are a key aspect of our church community. Many meet weekly on Sunday mornings at 9:15 (traditionally called "Sunday School") at FBC Huntsville. A few meet during the week in the home of a group member (usually the leader's home). You will find groups of all ages, life stages, and sizes!


Click on a group below for more info or to sign up for that Bible Study. And if you can't find a group for you, let us know what would be a good group to start!

Click Here for a sortable list of all of our current Bible Studies for Young Adults at FBC Huntsville.

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Black, White, and Re(a)d All Over - Episode 11 - "What Did You Learn?"

Black, White, and Re(a)d All Over - Episode 11 - "What Did You Learn?"

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Minister to Young Adults (Ages 18-39)

John came to FBC in September of 2016 to serve as Minister to Young Adults. Prior to Huntsville, John lived and served in Chattanooga for 11 years and Birmingham for 4 years. His hope is to see the Young Adults at FBC reach and reflect the growing diversity of young adults found throughout Huntsville. He has been married to his wife, Emily, since 2002 and they are the proud parents of 2 beautiful daughters, a spunky dog and a just okay cat.

Meet John|

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