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About Us - As a church, we're known for our Mosaic of Jesus, but we're made of people. People like you. People who- like tiles of a mosaic- are all different and perhaps even a bit “rough around the edges.” But also people who together do our best to project a beautiful and memorable image of Jesus to our community. There's always a place for you - no matter your own shape, size, color, or state of brokenness. That's the beauty of a mosaic.  

Knowing Christ Together

Ministries/Bible Study - In the spirit of Christ, people connect, challenge, and support each other across all ages and life stages.  Our various ministries, classes, and small groups provide tools and opportunities to experience life-changing discipleship.

loving christ together


Worship - Our two worship services are distinct in style but connected in purpose: we join our hearts and our voices together to worship a Worthy God, and we welcome all to join us.

serving Christ Together

Ministries/Mission - We believe lives are transformed by the Gospel through authentic relationships and service. Our members are actively engaged in relevant ministry to those outside the church, in our own neighborhood and around the world.

Being Christ... together

TV Church

Sundays on WHDF

FBC is is on the air!


TV Church, or Tennessee Valley Church, is FBC's new 30-minute program that airs every Sunday on TV channel WHDF at 10:30AM CST. Each episode includes a message, along with some pre-produced songs you know and love from FBC's own collective, TVC Worship. TV Church also offers you the opportunity to see your region in a way you may never have before–through the local community interviews that are also included.


Prefer online? No problem! You can watch TV Church via livestream on our Facebook page or at Let us know where you're watching from!


For more information follow the link below.

Graduate Sunday

May 23

We celebrate our Class of 2021 high school graduates! Graduate Sunday is our day to recognize and bless our graduates as they experience a milestone and look towards their future. 

We will recognize our graduates in Sanctuary Worship at 10:30 AM. In our other worship services, we will have a video of our graduates. Additionally, the walkway between the Chapel and the Sanctuary will have Celebration Tables telling each graduate's life story. Please be sure to see these tables.

Meet the orchestra!

May 19th, 6:00 PM

Join us May 19th at 6:00pm - guests welcome! - for the first full Orchestra rehearsal since March, 2020.

Come and play, come and listen, help us spread the word to insrumentalists across the region... or all of the above!

Click the link below for more info, and email us at if you have questions or want to join us.

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