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About Us - As a church, we're known for our Mosaic of Jesus, but we're made of people. People like you. People who- like tiles of a mosaic- are all different and perhaps even a bit “rough around the edges.” But also people who together do our best to project a beautiful and memorable image of Jesus to our community. There's always a place for you - no matter your own shape, size, color, or state of brokenness. That's the beauty of a mosaic.  

Knowing Christ Together

Ministries/Bible Study - In the spirit of Christ, people connect, challenge, and support each other across all ages and life stages.  Our various ministries, classes, and small groups provide tools and opportunities to experience life-changing discipleship.

loving christ together


Worship - Our two worship services are distinct in style but connected in purpose: we join our hearts and our voices together to worship a Worthy God, and we welcome all to join us.

serving Christ Together

Ministries/Mission - We believe lives are transformed by the Gospel through authentic relationships and service. Our members are actively engaged in relevant ministry to those outside the church, in our own neighborhood and around the world.

Being Christ... together

Caregiver Seminar

Saturday, September 26

Navigating the Caregiver Roadmap

Mapping Out Your Plan For When

You Need or Become a Caregiver


The seminar is planned for Sunday, September 26 from 12-2pm in the Student Center. The cost is $10 per person and includes registration, a boxed lunch and seminar resources. 


Presenters and topics include: Carrie Beard/Hospice, Emily Young/Legal Matters, Renee Breland/Agency on Aging, Jack Ragland/Emotional Challenges, Cathie Mayne/Senior Center, Dr. Mike Crouch/Ask a Doctor, Melissa Watts/ Beyond Home Living Options, Holly Canup/Death and Dying, John Holloway/Essential Documents, Greg Ellison/Home Care Choices


Registration is open until September 16.

Click here to Register

TV Church

Tennessee Valley Church

Tune in on Sundays or anytime!

TV Church is a weekly broadcast on Sunday mornings at 10:30am on WHDF.  You can also tune in on FaceBook at  

beginning at 8:15am on Sunday mornings.


The 30-minute program is filled with interviews and information as well as a short sermon that mirrors the weekly in-house sermons.  Follow Travis and the TV Church team to a pig farm, a recording studio or a bridge to nowhere to hear Bible teaching that is relevant to today.

To watch past the latest episode of TV Church please click the link below and share with your friends who may not be able to attend a traditional service on Sunday mornings.



New Sunday Morning Bible Studies and Classrooms (click below to find your spot)

Living Christmas Tree Rehearsals:  Preparation is underway for the 2021 LCT which will be "in-person" this year.  If you are interested in singing on the tree, please contact for more information.  All tree participants are required to be vaccinated.

Womens' Bible Studies: A study of the book, Whisper, will begin September 14 at 9:15am in the Student Center Classroom 4.  A study of Philippians with Keri Collins begins October 4 at 11:30am also in the Student Center.

Click here to register for Whisper.

Click here to register for Philippians.

Communion in the Park: In honor of World Communion Sunday on October 3, First Baptist will be offering communion in the park from 2-3pm near the red bridge.

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