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About Us - As a church, we're known for our Mosaic of Jesus, but we're made of people. People like you. People who- like tiles of a mosaic- are all different and perhaps even a bit “rough around the edges.” But also people who together do our best to project a beautiful and memorable image of Jesus to our community. There's always a place for you - no matter your own shape, size, color, or state of brokenness. That's the beauty of a mosaic.  

Knowing Christ Together

Ministries/Bible Study - In the spirit of Christ, people connect, challenge, and support each other across all ages and life stages.  Our various ministries, classes, and small groups provide tools and opportunities to experience life-changing discipleship.

loving christ together


Worship - Our two worship services are distinct in style but connected in purpose: we join our hearts and our voices together to worship a Worthy God, and we welcome all to join us.

serving Christ Together

Ministries/Mission - We believe lives are transformed by the Gospel through authentic relationships and service. Our members are actively engaged in relevant ministry to those outside the church, in our own neighborhood and around the world.

Being Christ... together

TV Church

Sundays on WHDF

Check out our new 30 minute program, TV Church. There will be a message, music, a community segment, all put together in a creative, 30-minute format with the viewer in mind. This service will be shown on Sundays on tv channel WHDF. This service will be available on livestream at and on our Facebook page. For more information follow the link below.

Black History Month


History in our backyard! William Hooper Councill a nine-year-old, was sold as a slave at a slave auction in downtown Huntsville.

The first public school for Black students in Huntsville was named for him. That school closed in 1966. Today, however, you can walk through our parking lot, across St. Clair Avenue, and stroll “through” Councill High. The impressive William Hooper Councill High School Memorial Park incorporates the footprint of that historic school. To read the full article follow the link below.

Back to Bible Study

Wednesdays & Sundays

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting & Bible Study is back. We will be socially distanced in the Sanctuary at 5:30pm. Dinner's will be available to pick-up and take to-go by reservation.

Sunday morning bible study groups can reserve a room to meet in the building on Sundays once a month by reservation. To reserve a room for your bible study class email


For more information, follow the link below. 

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