Fresh Expressions of church

Taking the Church Jesus Loves closer to the People Jesus Loves

Fresh expressions of church are new forms of church for people highly unlikely to walk through the doors of most church building.

A fresh expression is not a ministry of our church, not a creative activity of our church, and not just another outreach of our church. It is a new expression of church. This means it is a Christ-centered community engaging in worship, fellowship, discipleship and outreach.

There currently are 6 Fresh Expressions at FBC Huntsville:

  • Dinner Church - Weekly meal and Jesus story in the Butler Terrace area

  • Heartfelt Expressions - Church in the art community of Lowe Mill

  • Bright Star Community - Fellowship of those in recovery and family of those in recovery

  • Gamer.Church - Community centered around those who are gamers and stream

  • Manna Church - Fellowship of the homeless who meet each Saturday at Manna House

  • Scientific Community - Group of scientists who discuss the interplay of science and faith


Fresh Expressions- Scientific Community