Night To Shine - Respite Room

Night To Shine Respite Room Teams

Respite Room Team – Susan Wessinger
This team will provide a special place designed specifically for parents, family members or caregivers to relax and enjoy food, entertainment, and activities during the Night to Shine event.

Respite Room - Activities Team
This team will plan and prepare crafts, games, and other activities for caregivers to enjoy during the evening.  You will lead and participate in these activities with the parents/family members/caregivers, providing friendship and encouragement.
This volunteer team is now full.

Respite Room - Caregiver Connections Team
This team welcomes parents, family members, and caregivers to the Respite Room and provides them with companionship and assistance, as needed, during the evening.  The Caregiver Check-In Team makes sure that all caregivers have a name tag, informs them about their opportunities in the Respite Room during the evening, and signs them up for door prize drawings, massages, and manicures.    The Caregiver Host Team warmly greets parents/family/caregivers as they arrive in the Main Event area, shows them where the various events will take place during the evening, and tells them about their opportunities for relaxation in the Respite Room.  The Caregiver Mingler Team provides companionship, a listening ear, and assistance during the evening.  
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Respite Room - Decorating Team
This team will plan, set up, and decorate the Respite Room area prior to the event. (Note: Decorations should be consistent with the overall event theme and colors.)  Specific and detailed information about clean up will also need to be coordinated with the Tear Down Team.
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Respite Room - Entertainment Team
This team provides entertainment for the caregivers in the Respite Room during the evening.  The Caregiver Door Prizes Team plans, acquires, and assembles door prizes to be used in periodic drawings for the caregivers during the evening.  The Emcee welcomes our caregiver guests, provides informational updates, and awards door prizes periodically throughout the evening.  The Manicures & Massages Team consists of trained providers who give chair massages and basic manicures to the caregiver guests during the evening.  The Piano Player Team provides relaxing, live, background music in the main Respite Room area during the evening.
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Respite Room - Food Team
This team will work in cooperation with the Main Event Food Services Team to provide dinner and beverages to caregivers.  You will be knowledgeable about what is available and assist guests in finding what they would like.  You will also refill food warmers, drinks, and snacks during the evening, as needed.
This volunteer team is now full.