Growing Children and Their Families.

At First Baptist Church, we celebrate God's gift of children and recognize the responsibility that accompanies this gift. Through our Preschool Ministry, we offer age-appropriate opportunities for young children to learn about God using all of their senses - Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Smelling and Tasting. We recognize that children begin to understand God's love through the gentle touches, smiles, kind words, and care of those who welcome them to First Baptist Church.

First Baptist Church also recognizes the need for parents to receive support, education, and personal spiritual growth. Ministry to parents is an important part of the life of our church.


Sunday Bible Study 9:15 AM-10:10 AM 

Preschool Sunday Morning Bible Study is a time for children to participate in age-appropriate activities and experiences which will help them to build beginning knowledge of God, the Bible and the world around them. Biblical concepts are shared through teacher interaction, prepared activities and learning centers. Teachers guide preschoolers in experiences using the Bible, Bible thoughts, songs, and conversation.



Our Ministry Goals

In Preschool Ministry, our goal is to help each child begin to develop a foundation for a personal relationship with Jesus by helping them to:

Develop their level of trust in those who care for them.
Associate God, Jesus, and the Bible with warm, loving feelings.
Know that Jesus is a very special friend who cares about him.
Think of church as "my church" - a place where people love her and help her have happy experiences.
Recognize that he, as an individual child, is someone special! He is worthy of love and respect.
Receive encouragement to give love, respect, and acceptance to others.

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