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Minister of Missions
First Baptist Church of Huntsville, AL
A Church in the Heart of the City with a Heart for the Region!
First Baptist Church of Huntsville, AL is seeking a full time Minister of Missions. This individual will work with church and community organizations and individuals to identify needs and help First Baptist Church members to be directly involved in meeting those needs with the gospel (e.g., development and/or partnership in community ministries, local, national, and global missions, personal evangelism, etc.).
The full job description is listed below.
Located in North Alabama, we are in downtown Huntsville with a heart for ministry to this city we call home. We are a dually-aligned church to SBC & CBF... often referring to ourselves as centrist Baptists. Huntsville has recently been named by U.S. News and World Report as the 3rd best place to live in the U.S. With an estimated 25,000 jobs coming to Huntsville in the next few years, we are truly in a phase of rapid growth with a national spotlight. Through this process, the city is being very mindful to make itself attractive toward a broad audience - paying particular attention to the growth of our music industry.
We look forward to hearing from you…
Minister of Missions Search Team

Current Job Description:

*Plans and coordinates the church’s mission activities. Promotes personal participation of church members in community ministries and local and global missions. Assists missions education organizations with presenting mission information to encourage greater personal involvement. Mobilizes participation in church and denominational missions efforts.


*Plans and coordinates the church’s evangelism ministries. This includes working with Sunday School and other organization leaders to provide coordinated evangelism through the program organizations and activities of the church. Develops and leads training classes for witnessing and evangelism efforts.


*Provides leadership to the Fresh Expressions of church and serves as First Baptist primary point of contact.


*Leads the church in developing and implementing strategies for the holistic transformation of neighborhoods in our city.


*Provides mission input to various regular church publications and special church publications as assigned.

*Serves as a staff contact to various church committees and ministry teams as assigned.


*Assists in pastoral ministries as requested by the Executive Pastor. This may include, but not limited to, worship leadership, presentations, teaching, crisis visitation, and funerals, etc…


*Performs other duties as assigned.