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A Gift to you from 
The Living Christmas Tree

A Gift for You

Thank you for coming to the Living Christmas Tree. Please accept this gift of story and song as a gift from Dennis Parker and FBC Huntsville.

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?

God has a plan, an intention, for humanity: Life at its best and life that never ends.  The Bible paints that picture in the Garden of Eden at the very beginning of the Bible.  It was the perfect picture of a wonderful relationships with each other, and with God Himself.

That was God’s intention for us.

But we have a problem.  Something happened.  Humans tried to play God, believing they knew better than their Creator.

Evil entered the world.  And now we have a problem.  All of us.  We are all born with an overwhelming tendency to do the wrong thing.  The Bible calls that overwhelming tendency “sin.”  We are thus sinners, all of us, by nature and by choice.

But God offers a solution to our problem.  It is Jesus.   God took upon Himself human flesh—became a human, one of us, while still maintaining his divinity, his God-ness.  Thus Jesus was the God-man. 


He lived and loved like no other.  His teachings and miracles demonstrated God’s longing to restore the relationships so badly broken by humanity’s bad decisions.  And then Jesus died at the hands of Roman soldiers because he was considered a religious rabble-rouser.  And here is the beautiful mystery of his death:  Somehow, he took upon himself our sins when he died.  I can’t explain it fully, but Jesus’ death made possible the forgiveness of our sins and life forever in His presence beyond our last breath on earth.  Our ultimate hope is that, although Jesus died on a Friday, he returned to life on Sunday.  That’s what we celebrate at Easter.


And now there is our response.  The proverbial ball is in our court.  We have to respond in faith with our lives—with all we have and all we are.  To trust Jesus.  To follow Him—his life and teachings. 


That decision to follow Jesus makes a difference in how we live our lives.  Joining Jesus in his mission to the world gives us meaning and purpose and we work for the betterment of others’ lives.  And then there is the promise of Heaven.


You can make that decision.  It’s as simple as talking to God in your own words, expressing to Him what your heart is feeling.  You can do that right now, wherever you are.


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